Some Office 365 users reporting sign-up problems

A number of users attempting to sign up for Microsoft’s new free e-mail preview are reporting they are having problems that seem to be connected to their Office 365 accounts.Peter Bright, an editor with Ars Technica, said he believed the issue to be connected with Office 365 cookies that may not be clearing correctly.


“The big problem is that O365 used the Outlook domain for some things, and it doesn’t let you clear the cookies right,” he said on Twitter, where I asked individuals experiencing problems to weigh in. “Because the cookies aren’t cleared it refuses to let you sign up for a new account, instead directing you back to O365,” Bright added.Microsoft launched a preview of its new service today. Immediately, a number of those with existing Office 365 accounts began reporting “infinite loops” which prevented them from being able to create a new account.

Microsoft e-mail (pictures)

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