Poetry By Derived Algorithm (Ian Mott)

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Selection of Works

Selections from Volume 1

My Sister

Curly golden hair

The smell of strawberries knocks you back

There is a warm feeling between us

Words come like a twisted string from her mouth

She moves with a soft grace across the floor

It astounds you to find out how new she is to the world

Her actions show how present she is

My Tree

Sitting in her branches

Learning as I climb

Resting upon the canopy

Falling when winds blow

Climbing another tree

Sitting in self reflection

Learning as I listen

Resting in her arms

Falling as I awake

Climbing another lover

Sitting holding her

Learning from mistakes

Resting after conflict

Falling in love

Climbing back to my self

Where is my tree


Fragments Climaxes

Intimacy Wounds

Cooperation Grandiose

Deviations Divergence

Communion Sanctuary

Precipice Fragile


Enveloped by lips

Devoured by lips

Developed by lips

Teased by lips

Pleased by lips

Released by lips

Dismissed by lips

Missed by lips


Dusty gravel beard

Mangle weathered staff

Stained vibrant tunic

Mumbling fragmented wisdom

Thumbing packaged poison


Today is a new day let it be a boundless step forward on this great goat path to the stars and beyond!


Solitude draws elegant lines of delusions upon the world


Used by muse…expressions explode from within

Absolution omnipresence of thought reachable

Sub-conscious deliveries of pure thoughts flow

Fingers dance with each other in the rapids

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