Sony NEX-6 displays a thoughtful design (pictures)

The NEX-6 has a broader feature set than the NEX-7, but with a similarly well-thought-out design.The NEX-6 is relatively small, but equipped with tons of features, including a big, bright EVF like the NEX-7’s, Wi-Fi connectivity, a tilting display, and…

Sony SLT-A99: A body built for stills and motion

The company wants you to feel equally at home shooting photo and video with the A99.The A99 is one of the lighter mirrored interchangeable-lens full-frame bodies, but it’s still rather large. Of course, that makes it more comfortable to use when you’re…

Sony RX1: Nicely designed and built

Though the camera we saw wasn’t final build quality, it still looked and felt like an expensive camera — as it should.Yes, the camera is definitely the smallest full-frame model available, though the lens keeps it from being pocketable. [Read more]

Sony VG900 is ready for accessories

With a new accessory shoe, XLR adapter, and A-mount adapter, this camcorder is as much about what you put on it as what’s inside.The VG900 equipped with the new XLR Adaptor kit. [Read more]