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Now restore perfect vision

what? Mariam Munawar originally shared this post: Now restore perfect visionFirst artificial Eye in Germany, first device to restore almost perfect vision to the Blind.


Confusion! Giant Underground Blob Has Scientists Baffled The Afar Rift in Ethiopia is marked by enormous gashes that signal the breakup of the African continent and the beginnings of a new ocean basin, scientists think. The fractures appear eerily similar to seafloor spreading centers, the volcanic ridges that mark the boundaries between two pieces of […]

Check this out! 25,000 individual characters…

wow Totally Flabbergasted originally shared this post: Check this out! 25,000 individual characters, 1,000 buildings, 305 metres (1,000 feet) of roads and 20 tonnes of water. Made at 1:87 scale with a 3D printing!See massive $5 MILLION 3D-printed model St. Petersburg

Functionalize Launches Kickstarter Campaign…

I need more data but i like the idea 3DPrint.com 3D Printing News originally shared this post: Functionalize Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Super Conductive Filament for 3D Printing of Electronics – http://3dprint.com/22669/functionalize-kickstarter/


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