Twitter apologizes for Guy Adams ‘mess-up’

Guy Adams (Credit: The Independent)

After restoring the suspended account of journalist Guy Adams this morning, Twitter issued an apology for its “mess-up,” and says it will never do it again, the company wrote in a blog post.

“As I stated earlier, …

Defcon vending room showcases tech of all ages

Defcon vendors hawk pentesting, blue boxes, bike locks (photos)
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LAS VEGAS–While ninjas inhaled much of the available oxygen in the vendors room with its truck-based Ninja Tel mobile network, other vendors…

Twitter’s breach of trust

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo
Twitter has been mostly forgiven for its various outages and other growing pains. Instigating the suspension of Guy Adams’ Twitter account, however, crosses a line that is less forgivable. The concern is less about a users’ a…

Obama, Romney launch campaign-enhancing iOS apps

Image Composite by Joe Aimonetti/CNET)

With the presidential elections fast approaching, both Mitt Romney and President Obama are taking their campaigns mobile. The Obama for America app concentrates primarily on distributing President Obama…

Tetris alarm clock levels up your mornings

Fall asleep counting Tetris blocks, wake up to Tetris music.
You could wake up to the buzzing of an alarm clock. You could wake up to your smartphone’s ringtone. Or you could wake up to the dulcet tones of the Tetris theme music.