ServerSide, Inc
Fishers, IN
Ektron Developer Training II

Completed Ektron on Site Developer Training Level Two at Ektron’s Main Training Center in Nashua, NH

ElcomCMS Support-Admin Training

Completed Elcom 7/7.x Support and Admin Traning Course

EPiServer 7 CMS – Development Fundamentals

EPiServer 7 CMS – Development Fundamentals Training On Site in Washington DC

DBA Ian Mott
Knoxville, Tn
A+ CompTIA Life Time Certification (Grandfathered)
Derived Algorithm
Knoxville, TN Indianapolis, IN
Chief Technical Officer, PHP, JAVA, JAVA Script, CSS, HTML,
Website Development & Design
Cloud Server Management (AWS)

Software Packages Developed:
Multiple Listing Service(Board of Real Estate Agents)
Information Data Exchanges (Agent Real Estate Property Search Software)
Data Migration Platform (DAMigration Platform)


Dalton Hydraulic Cylinders
Pay-Per-Click Campaign Re-Design and Management
Website Management/Development
Hosting Management
Third Party Vendor Support (USPS, Intuit, Google Analytics, Bing Search)
Employee Website Training

Mo’Joe Coffee Shop
Design/Developed/Maintained Website

Garden Shop
Design/Developed/Maintained Website

Architect Alex Gotthelf
Design/Developed/Maintained Website

Thrive Bloomington (Healing Center/Massage/Spa)
Design/Developed/Maintained Website
Brand Development
Marketing Strategy

Social Media
Administrative User Training

Real Estate Agent Web Sites
Design/Developed/Maintained Website

Modified Delivery (Home Delivery Ikea Service with Ecommerce)
Design/Developed/Maintained Website

Crisis/Incident Response Site (Rapid Deployment Micro Site Custom Template)
Developed Template Framework For #5 US Digital Agency

Indianapolis, IN
Interim Solution Manager

Maintain Product Content Capsule (PHP, JSON, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, JAVA, MYSQL)
Built and Maintained Custom Analytics Data
Update API’s
Client/Agency Development/Infrastructure Support
Atlassian Software Suite
Troubleshooting JAVASCRIPT Errors
Cross Browser Comparability Resolution
Important Safety Information (ISI) Design Issue Resolution
Custom Reports from Database
Klipfolio Klip Setup and Maintenance


Business Wire Import Error

Evaluate Analytic System (Malustats) Review math and raw data for missing data

Client Integration Issues (WordPress, Joomla, Custom HTML, Custom PHP)

Build Custom Pixel Tracker

Integrate New Tracking Data into Existing Third Party Dashboards

Custom API Report to Powerpoint Report Generator

Update API’s (YouTube, Ooyala, Malustats, Thingiverse, Proprietary API)

Video Keeps Playing On Tab Change Error

Custom OG tags

Landing Pages

ServerSide, Inc
Fishers, IN
Protected: Senior Web Developer

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Fountainhead College of Technology
Knoxville, TN
B.S. in Application Development
A.S. in Computer Programming
ServerSide, Inc
Fishers, IN
Data Center Infrastructure Support

Monitor Data Center
Maintain Inventory of Equipment
Reconfigured Power Redundancy Setup
ISP Support/Management
Generator Support/Management
Virtual Machine Setup (Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, Ubuntu 12.04-14.04)
Physical Web Server Setup
Data Base Server Setup (MS SQL, MySQL)
Search Search Setup
Load Balancing
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Third Party Security Review with Agency
Site Migrations
Third Party Vendor Support
FuseApp (C7 Data Center)
Third Party Virtual Private Network Support
Planned Backup Solution Upgrade


Redmond, WA
Producer Gravity’s Rhythm (Deep Earth Escape Game)

Game Project @ DigiPen Institute of Technology

Game Play Video
Download Game from DigiPen

Development Team:
Ian Mott Producer
Flemming Wahl Physics
Mark Elling Technical Director
Christopher Guerra game Design

Art Team:
Ian Mott Art Lead
Dustin Gagner Concept Artist
James Hoag Art Assistant

Technical Director PsyMech (Robot Combat Game)

Game Project @ DigiPen Institute of Technology

Technical Director
Engine Developer
Art Team Coordinator

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